Apollonion Resort & Spa is situated in the picturesque western side of the island of Kefalonia called Lixouri and specifically in the area of Xi, well known for its long golden sandy beach.

  • Xi Beach : 300m
  • Lixouri : 6,5km
  • Argostoli 41km
  • Argostoli, via F/B 13km
  • Fiskardo 56km
  • Sami 50km
  • Airport (EFL) 46km
  • Airport (EFL) via F/B 23km


Xi Beach,   The  Miraculous Clay

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Xi beach with its golden sandy beach is just 200 meters from our hotel. But what makes Xi Beach unique is its distinctive red sand color along with the characteristic gray clay of the area, creating a variety of colors.

On the beach apart from relaxing you have the unique opportunity to pamper yourself with all the benefits clay therapy can offer you.

The clay is a natural mineral product, known to man since ancient times.

Enjoy your beautiful skin after using the clay directly from nature and completely free!

Clay, synonymous with land, is a source of life. Like water, clay is also a vital element. It is beneficial for oily, mixed and acne-prone skin, as it tones, cleanses, softens and nourishes the skin.

Thanks to a turn to organic products clay took the place it deserved, and humans can benefit of its advantages.

The History of Clay

For thousands of years clay has been used for many different therapeutic reasons. Even before historical records, people used clay for external and internal treatment to cure diseases and for the overall improvement of health. Indigenous tribes of the Andes, of central Africa and Australia, used clay as a major component in their diet, but also as a supplement to their diet for various therapeutic purposes.

In the second century AD, Galen, the famous Greek philosopher and physicist, introduced the use of clay for the healing of sick or injured animals.

In ancient Arabia, Avicenna, the Prince of Physicians , taught his students about the benefits of clay treatment.

The Greek Dioscorides, who was regarded as a graduate engineer of Medicine for the Roman Empire, characterized the clay treatment as God – just like – Intelligence.

Clay was also used by Indians Amorgosians (who preceded the Aztecs), and by the natives of Mexico, Central and South America. Indians of North America, used clay in their food, for body cleansing, healing wounds, in rituals and for trading with other tribes.

The Early French cultures used clay in their diet, pharmaceutical manufacturing and for commercial reasons. They used it because of its beneficial effects in contagious diseases in stomach ulcers, rash, in dysentery, for hemorrhoids, in infected wounds and insect bites.

In World War I, Germans used natural clay treatment against food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea and for healing infected wounds of troops of both sides, drastically reducing deaths.

Today, alternative medicine recommends the use of clay for a total detoxification and to treat various diseases and injuries.

How clay acts on the skin?

It has two distinct properties:

The property of absorption: Refers to the skin surface. It acts like blotting paper, due to its large absorbing capacity. The clay can hold up to 8 times its weight, without altering. This is very effectual for the elimination of sebum and dirt from the skin.

Adsorption capacity: The clay absorbs toxins and impurities, and then stabilizes them and effectively gets rid of them. The adsorption can be achieved by consuming clay either as a tablet or as a capsule, or dissolved in water. The adsorption is part of the therapy, which is based on nutritional supplements. ” The ability of aesthetic appears after the absorption.”

A spa on the beach or in the comfort of your home to remind you of your holiday at Xi Beach!

Step 1

Find some clay rocks on the beach, which you can break into smaller pieces.

Step 2

Immerse the rock into the sea so as to soften and get very wet. Otherwise you could also take it home and using a mortar and pestle turn it into powder.

Step 3

Immediately after step 2 and on wet body you can rub the stone gently over your skin or spread it with your hand on face and body.

Step 4

Then sunbathe in order to dry the clay on you.

Step 5

When the clay has dried out, dive in the sea to wash it off and enjoy the feeling of moisture in your entire body

How to use the clay at home

First of all you have to turn the clay, collected at the beach, into powder. You can keep this powder in a jar at home. Mix 2 teaspoons of the powder and 3 tablespoons of milk. You may need more milk, until you see that the mixture becomes a paste. Mix and when it is ready you can apply it on your face. Leave it for 30-35 minutes until you feel your skin pulling and has become quite hard.Rinse thoroughly and apply a facial moisturizer.

With the above therapy not only will you forget about dead cells and blackheads, but also you will feel your skin much softer.



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